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ScanMaster 3D ScannerScanMaster 3D ScannerScanMaster 3D ScannerScanMaster 3D ScannerScanMaster 3D Scanner



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Take your 3D scanning to the next level with the “Print your own” ScanMaster Full Colour 3D Scanner. This incredible setup allows you to see what you are scanning in real time. By having a touch screen mounted to the camera, it allows you effortlessly to scan and construct the 3D models. It is easy to see what has and hasn’t been scanned, without twisting your neck to look at the computer screen.

If you have used other 3D scanning systems, you will appreciate the elegance of the Scan Master System.  The entire 3D scanning work flow  can be controlled from the touch screen. From starting the scan, inspecting the scan, cleaning the object and saving. This speeds up the scanning process and reduces time to setup for the next scan.

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  • Simple menu options allow you to quickly select the size of the volume to a scanned. No complicated commands or settings that need to be specially configured.
  • Scan in real time with live video feedback
  • See exactly what you are scanning with the 7” touch screen.
  • Process the scan within the software
  • Integrated step by step workflow. Repairing, closing holes, making scans watertight, removing noise. No third party software required. Right from the touch screen!
  • Save as STL for 3D printing. Output directly to an industry standard format
  • Offers real time or offline recording
  • Best suited for medium to large objects. 20cm or larger.
  • Power Consumption
    Below 2.5W
  • Distance of Use
    Between 0.8m and 3.5m
  • Field of View
    58° H, 45° V, 70° D (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal)
  • Sensor
    RGB & Depth
  • Depth Image Size
    VGA (640×480) : 30 fps
    QVGA (320×240): 60 fps
  • Resolution
    SXGA (1280*1024)
  • Platform
    Intel X86 & AMD
  • OS Support
    Win 32/64 : XP , Vista, 7, 8, MAC
  • Interface
    USB 2.0/ 3.0
  • Operation Environment


  • Recording only: Intel Centrino or higher. CPU Reconstruction: 2 Gb RAM, Quad core processor. GPU Reconstruction: 2 Gb RAM, Intel Core 2, Cuda 2.0 compatible graphics card, with 1 Gb of memory
  • Recommended PC: Windows 7 (64 bits), Intel i7, 4 Gb RAM with NVidia GTX 560 or higher.
  • Recommended Mac: OS X 10.8 or 10.9, Macbook Pro 2012 or Macbook Air 2013.
  • 2x USB 2 ports
  • Glue: To glue the left and right case together.
  • 7” Touch screen
  • Asus Xtion Pro Live Sensor
  • Scanect Professional software license
  • 1.5m USB Cable
  • Files for 3D Printing the case abd handle on an UP Plus 1 or 2 3D Printer
  • Assembly guide



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