Fuel3D scanner
Fuel3D scannerFuel3D scannerFuel3D scannerFuel3D scannerFuel3D scannerFuel3D scanner

Fuel3D™ handheld scanner


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The Fuel3D™ handheld 3D scanner is now in stock! Get yours today!

Fuel3D™ has been designed as an easy to use point-and-shoot 3D scanner. A complete high resolution 3D scanner that captures detail up to ~350 microns including the shape and colour information of the object. It works in a similar way to a typical camera, just point and shoot, but is a lot more advanced! It comes pre-calibrated with stereo camera with built in photometric imaging allowing you to capture your scan and process it in seconds.

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  • High-speed: capture a 3D image in a tenth of a second
  • High-resolution: capture incredible detail down to 350 microns
  • Full-color: capture accurate 3D color as well as the shape of an object
  • Versatile: export your scan in a range of file formats.
Perfect for capturing 3D models of:
  • The human form
  • Fabrics
  • Plants, leaves
  • Stone, masonry, brick
  • Textured paintings, statues, wood carvings, clay sculptures
  • Other high-texture surfaces.
  • Generate amazing high-resolution models for consumer and professional 3D printing
  • Incorporate color scans of objects from real life to enhance product designs
  • Create incredible new artwork using scans from the world around you.
  • Scan Volume: Approx. 210 mm x 300 mm in a single cap
  • Scanning technology: Fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data
  • Operating distance: Fixed at 350 mm – 450 mm
  • Calibration: Pre-calibrated
  • Product weight: 0.51kg
  • Product dimentions:
    • W: 255 mm
    • H: 245 mm
    • D: 35 mm
  • Light source: Xenon LED flash bulbs (no laser or infrared)
  • Tripod mount: Scanner contains 1/4-20 UNC internal thread screw for tripod mounting
  • Connectivity: Micro USB cable
  • Power requirements: AC power adapter (scanner draws approx. 2A)
  • Data aquisition speed:
  • Flash cool-down period:
  • Post-capture image processing time:
  • Software:
  • Exported file types:
  • Best achieveable resolution:
  • Polygons captured on a flat surface:
  • Number of verticies in a single scan:
  • Single scan file size (averager)
    • STL:
    • PLY:
    • OBJ:
  • Minimum recommended computer specifications:
  • Supported operating systems:
  • Fuel3D scanner
  • Three tracking targets
  • USB data transfer cable
  • AC power cable inc. international connectors
  • Fuel3D Studio editing software by download
  • Quick start guide


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