Australia’s best selling desktop 3D printer

3D Printing Design is the leading supplier for UP 3D printers in Sydney. We provide 3D printer on-site demonstration, maintenance and servicing as well as wide colour range of quality 3D printer filaments. We are dedicated and working hard to introduce the 3D printing technology to the public & education sectors while delivering the best possible service experience to our valued customers.

Here’s the 3D printer range we are offering currently:

  • UP Mini – Affordable 3D Printing for everyone; Small on size, big on features
  • UP Plus 2 – Best-in-class desktop 3D Printer and easiest to use
  • UP Box – Bigger, faster and smarter
  • Fuel3D™ handheld scanner
  • ScanMaster and ScanMaster Plus

What are the benefits of the award-winning UP 3D printer ?

  • easy to use and low in maintenance, which is perfect especially for beginners, students and youngsters
  • allows to turn your ideas and imagination into reality
  • the desktop size is ideal for home, school and design studio
  • allows user to make objects on demand
  • provides an endless list of advantages for educational purposes, ie. encourage self-directed learning, conceptual thinking, real life problem solving, etc.